Below, you will find a Zine which synthesizes this digital archive in short graphic form. Much like the website, woven throughout the zine are difficult subject matters, heart-breaking art and interpretations, and truths that are often silenced with shocking efficacy. The zine was created as part of a writer’s workshop, and continues to be a place where people find space for reflection and understanding after engaging with the brutal realities of solitary confinement. If you find that you would like to hold this zine in your hands and flip through its carefully curated pages, they are available for purchase by contacting pallavi@zealo.us. Price covers the cost of printing, and any proceeds are donated to the Open MI Door Campaign to end solitary confinement in Michigan. You can find out more about that campaign here.

If purchasing this zine is a financial hardship for you, or you would like to receive free zines for distribution at a library, radical book store, organizing event, etc, please contact jacq@zealo.us.

Download PDF as pages 22.5 MB

Download PDF as spreads 21.6 MB